Solar System [VVVV Universe]

Hey guys,
I started to build the solar system based on NASA data.
Is someone interested in joining?
I plan to slowly work on this over the next years and have a space game engine ready as soon as vvvv is able to compile as executable.

For now I will start this project public and see what happens…

Or lets just keep it simple: there is lot of stuff to do in the solar system.

Hi tekcor,
I am working on same thing ;) maybe we can join or works ;)
Now I am in the state, where I have a model from sun to earth incl. moon. I have my own camera (because of FOV and movement), now I am working at the model of planet movement and rotation. I am also experiencing problems with loading big textures like 2600026000px - it seems that is limited by the GPU to 81928192px, do you know what to do with?
My friend is writing the library for real movement of the spaceShip. Now we are thinking about how to texture the black side of the earth with the city lights, do you have some idea?

have you tried this:

From birth to supernova…

cool velcrome, looks good :)

hm the unity plugin says ‘Invalid data file’…

it looks good ;) I am working on similar thing, did you get my reply? I cant see it there… ;(


okey now we’re talking :D

@dvj_jenda: yeah sure, let’s join this. your progress sounds already amazing. add me in skype please: ‘leavingtheplanet’. I have time end of next week for a longer chat and patch joining :)
As you work on the earth and moon i could in parallel continue with the other planets physics. this texture seems indeed too big. there was also coming rumors from people with french dialect ;)
i know someone who is good in texturing models. with combined brain powers it should be possible to spilt textures and map them correctely on a sphere or on several subsets of a sphere. but haven’t done this before.

For the night side check out those links that h99 pointed out:

You are propably longer in this topic now. I just had the idea some time ago and one evening of patching so far.

@sebl: ha thats though :S it’s great what is possible on these GPU’s. what is the link about?

the link points to the sourcecode of the things in the video above

Hi tekcor, I’m interested.

I started watching and forking your repo.

I think it could be also included in the p4v (package manager for vvvv) registry that is a project that I’m developing with alg: it is a software that will let you install easily vvvv contributions.

Well let stay in contact, please add me on skype.


@tekcor: Yeah it looks like that ;)
I add you on skype, I am sorry, I was out from the inet, so I havent read that. Now I am trying to solve the night side of the planet, do you have some idea? Mine doesnt work…
So after the weekend I am in stage: 1) prototype for planets, with their respective sizes and orbits - there is some error in the vvvv log, but it works ;)
2) Prototype of the sun - it is nice, but doesnt behive like it (I need to concentrate the gravity to the center of it, to interact with the sprites from the surface…but looks nice, I will try to post something (dont you know how to capture the renderer view without external SW?, static pictures arent so nice ;)
3) Prototype of planets with moon and moon prototype - working good, the moon gets his center from the planet corresponding to them, but also with some little problem (cannot draw geometry at once, switching to something… ;(

So now I have to solve the Sun - how strong are you in sprites? ;)
And the Earth with the lights - now I am finishing the clouds…
after that, I wan to make bump mapping on the planets, and to solve, how to texture the object with bigger texture than 8192…
I am also figthting with the cameras, mine still doesnt work at all…

@tekcor: btw you want to stay in vvvvs in the final project or not? I am planning, that vvvvs will be just scratch for dx3 programming - more efficient…but we will see ;)

So this is basicaly the 9 planets and the sun with textures and athmosphere on the earth and an interactive map.

in _ROOT_EarthFall

I cannot continue and post it in the hope that someone else has nothin better to do.

I used the largest possible scaling for the distances and planet diameters for this test. It turns out to be not so applicable as the planets get jumpy when they move around the sun with only the last 32 bit float digits involved.

Here is an interesting article regarding this issues:

In a new iteration it would be very important to rethink the scaling issue also with respect to models that could be placed next to the planets.

Atmospheric Scattering is only implemented for Earth and the Planets module needs an update with that.

thanks to everybody who was involved.

Here is the repo I’m using for the phisics part