Softshadows don't work

softshadows shader from bazaar page dos’t show anything, might be VS 1.0 PS 3.0 not supported with my videocard? Or some kind of error in code? How to check? Re-downloaded, re-installed - same.

Checked with Shader Version Test:
Fixed FunctionVertex Shader 1.0
Vertex Shader 1.1
Vertex Shader 2.0
Vertex Shader 2.a
Vertex Shader 3.0
Pixel Shader 1.0
Pixel Shader 1.1
Pixel Shader 1.2
Pixel Shader 1.3
Pixel Shader 1.4
Pixel Shader 2.0
Pixel Shader 2.a
Pixel Shader 2.b
Pixel Shader 3.0

Seems alright, might be something missing?

How to check?

with the Shader Version Test

and if you don’t find your graphiccard here, you may add it…

you already found it

can’t check right now
but in case the SoftShadows.fx does a Texture Lookup within the VertexShader this only works with nVidia Cards.

I have ATI 3600 HD…
Anyway to bypass it?
Hold i’ll check on my laptop, got nVidia card on it.

Checked geforce 6150, Shader Version Test all supported.
Now it shows only black models, without any means of shadows.
Any other way to make object cast shadows on itself?


switch the zbuffer-texture to texture format R32F. this should solve the problem…(for nvidia cards at least)

yes, had the same problem, texture format was wrong…