Socket communication

i’m messing with a socket software…communicating via TCP
i send a request like:


and ill get this back

info:23,more infos, end of info

but only for a millisecond, as i’m too used with constant data flow i don’t know how to grab this response. i know tokenizer, s+h something but all i tried didn’t really work. anyone ?

solved … no text …

can you list what you used? …to save the next person (myself ;) from hours of experimentation ;)


sorry for bringing up this thread again. but i am looking for a solution for my socket problem.

i try to communicate with a java server (MARY) for text to speech function. have a look at the online demos.

i am working with the TCP node and get a connection, but i don’t know how to change oder communicate via special sockets with the TCP node.

any opinions?