Snapshot of hole patch

Hi VVVV-group,

i’d like to snapshot a open hole patch - not only the part in the window. are there any solutions without photoshoping all the snapped parts?

thank you!

like pressing the key on your keyboard?

with CTRL + 1 i snapped the current window, the current screen. but i’d like to snap the complete patch. the print-button is simliar to CTRL+1.

ahh, now i get what you mean. sorry, i don’t know of any such hotkey.

there was some hotkey to make a (crappy) svg-screenshot … ctrl+9 or similar (can’t test atm.)

ctrl+9 and ctrl+0 I red somewhere was used to zoom the patch…
…but it doesn’t work for me…

hm, i can try tomorrow … but the results weren’t that good anyway.

ctrl + and crtl - to zoom, ctrl 0 to reset, but it’s glitchy

thaks sapo! But the labeled IO Box don’t zoom and when you pan became a mess…
…even if you reset you have to reopen the patch…

ctrl + 4 saves a .emf file. some odd vectorformat i’ve never seen before

wow, that is quite interesting information. emf is extended windows metafile. also see here.

Paint open these files, but all my IOboxes appear to be empty.


i tried CTRL+4 and it works very nicely!
this is a vector-file. in illustrator you can also manipulate the text and so on! so nice and was never refer.


jow, but every iobox just displays IO… nevertheless it’s a nice snapshot