Snappy compression

/package-repositories “D:\vvvv\vl-libs” file located as you suggested above

looks legit, not sure what’s going on there.
so i created a nuget for vl.netmq. please try: nuget install vl.netmq -prerelease
hope that works.

For anyone followung this that is nuget install vl.IO.netmq -prerelease

oops, indeed. misspelled. does it work?

KinectDepthToSnappy.vl (41.8 KB)
It does, but I dont know how to turn it back into a mutable array for the decompression!

you simply use ToImage [MutableArray]. but be sure to feed it with the correct width, height and format, otherwise it will crash (this is what happened in the example i sent above).

i think the netmq should output the mutable array directly, i’ve already made an internal issue for this. if you get data from the net, that you have to process further, you almost always need an array instead of a spread.

as a workaround you can use FromSequence [MutableArray], this is another copy of the data but should work until the netmq lib got a design overhaul.

It comes out as a <spread<Spread> but flatten then from sequence seems to work, and I get an image locally! I’ll test on a network tomorrow…

that’s correct, but at least another two copies of the image that get thrown away every frame, try GetSlice with 0, the first spread should contain everything. I just remembered that there is an advanced node called GetInternalArray that kind of hacks the access to the spread data as a mutable array without a copy. you can use it if you only read that data…

Kinect_Network_Sender.vl (47.7 KB)
Ok, that all works :) according to Task manager 1 depth map is 80 Mbs, and the sender is running on a latte panda alpha which has an m3 7y30 cpu, which makes multiple networked kinects a possibility, there is a little latency, but not too much. Pretty pleased with that!
Thanks for the help @tonfilm and @joreg


horray, good to hear!