Snake3d camera rotation

Dear community

I was learning from the snake3d patch how the rotation was done, so I was thinking of an easier way to do that. I’ve came up with this. What do you think? Any problem that I’m not able to see ?

snake rotation.v4p (15.9 kB)

hello, yes and no. as snake uses just 90° angles it seems to be same. the difference is that your repatch rotates around axis that depend on the state of the object, while the snake cam rotates always around the world axis. but they are the same in this case. so you are right, snake could have been patched simpler…

btw have a look at the node TogEdge (Animation) , it replaces the MonoFlop/Delay part.

also, i was thinking on a way to grow the snake scaling the box instead of adding more and more boxes. Thats right, I want to play snake3d until no more space can be filled without having problems with performance.

ok, will check de TogEdge, thanks tonfilm