Sms to vvvv via bluetooth and python

hi all,

with the help of the tutorial of jurgen scheible i was able to write a little python program (which runs on my nokia 6630) that sends the newest sms via bt to the pc.
so far so good :)

bt communication
sms reading

my problem is now that with hyperterminal (the one shipped with windows xp) everything works fine. but with vvvv i can get no connection so far.

so i started to analyse with a Serial Monitor Lite the communication between my mobile and hyperterminal … after this little analye i think it’s rather a communication problem between the applications.

another strange thing is:
Serial Monitor Lite tells me, vvvv is not opening a serial port at all … but eg arduino or other stuff is working fine.

so any idea why vvvv can’t communicate with my mobile but hyperterminal can do it? rs232-über-strangeness?


no. everything you can do in hyperterminal vvvv can do also.

two things worth knowing:

vvvv reports always connected=1, even if it doesnt. i know this is a bug.

you cant open a port in vvvv which is already open in hyperterminal

while all that bluetooth stuff is nice and should work without problems, yet another option would be using an external service which receives sms and provides them via HTTP

(or wait for the new SQL nodes, and get your python hacker to put the sms into a sql database)


sms gateway is no solution, there will be no internet

analysed again the whole problem with serial monitor …

*if i open "Standardmßige Seriell-über-bluetooth-Verbindung (COM11) with hyperterminal, serial monitor reports me “Port opened by process hyperterminal.exe” … and it stays open until i disconnect with hyperterminal.

*with vvvv just nothing happens (and of course hyperterminal is not running). but if i use vvvv with arduino on “USB Serial Port (COM4)”. serial monitor is reporting “Port opened by process vvvv.exe”. Why can vvvv only open COM4 and not the bt COMS?

*btw processing cant handle the communication, too. serial monitor report there a opening port followed by a immediately closing.

any idea?


in the following thread is reported that vvvv cannot deal wither “higher” ComPorts.

thanks kalle for pointing back to the root of evil. i found a fix for the stupid problem.