Sms text string visualization

hey all, I’m just working on an sms visualization system at the moment- I’ve read previous posts on it but I think I’m still lost. any pointers on where to begin? What I need vvvv to do is just get a text string from an sms message and visualize it using the text geometry module and then refresh after a specified period of time- 15 secs at most.

hello brozm , there are a few ways to get sms into vvvv , i only try succesfully the gprs modem way , connecting a gprs modem and send receive via rs232 with AT commands , i did a tutorial some time ago look for arduino telit modem in my userpage . the AT commands are mainly the same in every gprs modem .

the other ways are getting an email with the sms , getting a text file via your mobile into your computer and things like that .

hope it helps ;D

thanks colorsound, I’ll check it out!