SMPTE / LTC reader - video playback synchronisation


I wonder if it would be hard to code a smpte-reader node in VVVV.
By SMPTE, I’m mainly thinking about “audio Linear TimeCode”. cf

The final goal is to synchronise a video-file playback to music played on stage.
For exemple : with a LTC track played by the “Ableton Live” of a musician captured by the audio-in of the VVVV computer.

This works fine on Catalyst mediaserver, but there is no generative capabilities,
and I love VVVV much more ! ;)

One of my idea was to generate a clock on which we can base the FileStream node (instead of system clock)
This would be the less ressource-eater as it would naturally synchronise the video.

I couldn’t found any smpte reader for windows to do a translation into MTC out of VVVV.
I really made a lot of search before asking, but I can’t find any solution.

Joreg, don’t worry, this will be a project of All Access Design, who bought licenses ;)

Any idea ? Even comercial proposition for coding the node…

hi Duck,
if you really don’t have access to a wifi or an ethernet connection between the 2 computers
you can try the old school method but you’ll have to deal with offsets,
pre roll, fps format and conversions…
here is a Smpte to midi converter

for me the best solution would be to send the Ableton clock via OSC (Max for Live)or if you need to sync your video to a specific clip in live
you can observe the “playing_status” and “playing_position” of that clip…
good luck

LTC would be nice, had need of it for a project recently, we ended up sending LTC from vvvv ie playing back an audio file, but big shows often require LTC. there is

which links to

But obviuosly require someone to code a plugin…

As far as I know @eno)) & ((user:milo used one of those cards in a project quite recently. Maybe they’ll release the plugin…

wow. that’s a PCI card!
i think somebody has already written a plugin based on libltc. i’m not sure if they can make it public, will check.

@circuitb > I don’t meant a solution based on Live. Musicians can change the software they use. For example, on this project, it’s finally Reason who plays the show instead of Live.
A smpte audio track is universal, you can put it in any software able to play an audio track.

@elliotwoods > Any news from “somebody” who wrote the plugin ?

It’s already the second project I do under “Catalyst media-server” instead of VVVV
because I can’t find a good way to synchronise video file playback to music played on stage.

Nobody had this need in VVVV ?
What were the solutions found ?

But @elliotwoods)) already did it, ((user:DuckEater.
You can download it here:

and it’s working, just check the zip-folder inside LTCNodes, there is all that you’ll need. it took me a while to figure that out. But huge thanks anyway, Elliot! Keep on your good work! I’ll contribute something soon, too :)

But I noticed that there is a Memory Leak… :(