Smooth video playing

Hi everyone.

I’ve been trying to play a video in a perfectly smooth way for a while, and I didn’t succeed. I always have a little “jump” every few moments, very regularly. It’s mostly visible on moving elements like text.

I’ve read all AV FAQ, Codec FAQ… tried to play with framerates, waitforeveryNthframe…

I’ve tried looots of codecs. With different framerates. Still no luck.

I even tried the excellent vvvv VLC plugin: vlc-plugin-(beta)-a-new-audiovideo-player-to-texture-plugin

With the VLC program, I can read perfectly smooth videos, but with vvvv (even through VLC plugin) it’s not smooth.

I must be missing something. Can someone help me with that ? What parameters must I tweak to get that smooth videos I dream of with vvvv ? Maybe an example of combination : codec, framerate, WaitForEveryNthFrame pararameters ?

Can’t wait for your smooth answers.


I have experienced good performance in video decoding using the VLC plugin with the picvideo mjpeg 4 codec. Even 1920x1080@30 fps runs really smooth. Obviously it depends also on your CPU and GPU power.

Thank you for your answer.

I tried with the picvideo mjpeg 4 codec and still no luck. What other parameters did you use in vvvv ?

What was your CPU and GPU like ?

I have Core2Duo 2,33 / 4GB Ram / Win7,64b / NVidia GeForce 8600 GT with 2 screens.

I think it should be enough to play a single 1080p video ?

if you don’t need to switch video or have the same video on more than one screen, I have had good experiences using wmv9.

Did you check if you have the jumps in a v4-only animation as well? I had that a while ago and it was some stupid spamware that had been installed with some other software that caused these halts.

Hi i have experience that also like a freeze every second or so even last week, try a few diferent codecs right now i,m using quicktime png the files are big and maybe not best but no freeze for now using vlc plug , i have use h264 fine in the past but found that it pixelate a bit . also test it with all apps closed skype fireforx and antivirus and malware as eno suggested . cheers

with H264 i get some troubles when there is a sound track in the video
( ffdshow or not) sometimes the filestream node was unable to refresh/open
the file sometimes the audio was buggy and sometimes it was working
used audio codec: uncompressed wav pcm or AAC
i’ll try with the vlc plugin

Try CoreAVC (cost 12$) with filestream2.

I can run 4x 1920*1080 video files at 30fps.
It’s a bit tricky to setup, but it works like a charm !

merci pour l’info

core avc with fs2

fs2 ?.. no text …

i guess FileStream2

you do need encode them proper… Joanie witch video encoder you use for them?

Sorry about late reply. Apparently any h264 encoder should do (including x264).

Personally I use Vegas, and the AVC export mode.

You said that you already tried different framerates, but did you really make sure, that your video is encoded in the same or a proper divisor of the framerate your renderer uses?
If your rederer runs at 60 Hz, encode your video in 30p and set “wait for every Nth frame” to 2. If it runs at 75 Hz, encode it in 25p and set it to 3 etc…
Otherwise you will experience regular jumps as DirectShow’s playback performs no realtime frame blending.