Smooth normals

not too literate about normals, and seen this question asked a lot, but
is there a way to render reflections in superphysical on noodles deformers ?


something like the second example, where flatnormals is used with very high vertex counts

There is basically two ways you can do this.
Either the deformation is calculated based on some kind of mathmatical function like noise.
In that case you can calculate normals as well as the deformation. Have a look at “Wobble” of instance noodles. The smooth normals are calculated in the shader there.
Another possibillity would be, that you are displacing based on some heightmap. In that case you can simply generate the normal-map from that height map and use it in the material of your object.
This should give correct normals. You will have to play a bit with bump-strength and normal-map settings to get correct results.