Smooth Camera

Once again, I’ve got a smoothness question:
I really got problems to have an easy camera look-around inside a circle of 3d objects. I tried several ways of looking around and always got very small, but noticeable lags in scroll - its a little jittery.
Do you recognize it as well? Anybody an idea how to solve this?

smoothCam.v4p (24.5 kB)

try the filtered time mode at the MainLoop (VVVV) , and open its help patch…

Thanks, I tried that, but its still not satisfying… Did you get better results by that?
It looks a like problem is starting at LFO somehow. If you look at the values at the queue at bottom, sometimes there are little steps.
Does anybody heve same results/steps or is it due to some weird computer stuff, bound to my PC?

smoothCam2.v4p (23.6 kB)