Smartcard Reader

Hi there, I am not totally new to vvvv but reaching my limits… I need to connect an USB smartcard reader Link, but I have no idea where to start… I would suggest that I have to use the HID node? Is there any tutorial for this?
I want to switch videos by placing different tags on the reader.
Edit: The smartcard reader is not working in serial… I hoped, because then I would have the example from the book “Prototyping Examples”…

Do you have to use that exact reader?
Seems you will have to use their sdk – which isn’t for free – to communicate with it.
There are relatively cheap RFID readers that simulate keyboard input, like this one.
Or use the one by phidgets which is also supported by vvvv out of the box.

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Hi bjoern,
thanks for the reply… unfortunately I have a set of 50 tags and this reader to realize the setup… I saw the Phidgetreader previously and wanted to use this initially… Damn… Thanks anyway…

I “solved” my problem by using a third-part software for the reading and copying the ID into the clipboard. It a limited solution but with the clipboard node I can get the actual ID from the smart card and control my video output…

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