Small problem with OSCDecoder

Hi there !

I got a small problem and weirdly I spent an hour on it without a clue about what’s going on wrongly.

I try to send a value from puredata to vvvv, and in VVVV, UDP server works, my labelled value come (as you can see under the AsString coming directly from UDP), but it seems that the OSCDecoder isn’t able to decode it.

Here screenshots of the problematic part :

vvvv :

and the puredata sending part (if it can help) :

Do you know what can possibly go wrong here ?

hei crasse you’re mixing fudi and osc here. please see
for an explanation

oh ! right, I didn’t even noticed that FUDI protocol,

Thanks for putting me back on the right path :) !

It’s just that stupidily, as I did some work 6 years ago and remembered using OSC to create paths between puredata and VVVV, I didn’t even checked if something changed about it in 6 years °-°

so let’s NetReceive !