Small errors in DOFBokeh


i’m on a setup with @eno and we’re experiencing some ugly artifacts with @antokhio’s DOFBokeh shader, see pictures; anybody got a clue where this is coming from? I’ve added an alpha channel to the shader, but can say that this is not the problem…much appreciated if anybody can help as we’re running out of time to go through the shader step by step…

alpha channel in green…the edge of the geometry seems to produce a black colored line…?

I have to amend and point out that not the fade towards black is the problem - that is because the alpha color of the underlying renderer is ignored at the moment - but the thin dotted line at the edge of the original geometry.

@antokhio - do you you have an idea where in the formula that could be avoided? Or maybe you know of that artifact already and says it is too hard to make? Because apart from that the shader is really finely crafted!

is this unc contribution helping ? Transparent Background Antialiasing Edges Temp Target Rendering

Hi guys, i would say that it’s coming from anti aliasing, but no clue really, if you post your example i can take a look… On other hand, i think microdee have some nice dof in his md pack.
Some time ago i started to clean up that shader. Want to separate code so params more obvious, but yet had no time to finish…

thanks for the input @u7angel and @antokhio, will try your suggested alternatives right away!

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