Small and sturdy pc cases - built for travelling

Thought I’d just move this chat out of the shoutbox as there is likely more to be had

I’m looking for a case (ideally micro ATX) that is strong and can be taken on a flight as cabin luggage. At a minimum the case should be able to accommodate a full length double width gpu like a GTX 780. I’d love to have another slot ot two free which is why I’d prefer mATX.

I think quite a few people have similar needs so gathering recommendations should be useful.

the Fractal Design Node 304 has been suggested as being tough, functional and small enough for cabin luggage (250 x 210 x 374 mm)

The Bitfenix Prodigy M appeals to me as it can take mATX boards, and has tough handles on bottom and top which will make it easy to carry and protect it. At (250 x 404 x 359mm) it is not far off double the size of the 304 though and possibly a little too big for carry on

a friend of mine bought both, the fractal and the prodigy. while the fractal is fully metal , the prodigy is cheap plastic in parts and far from sturdy.

i have this one and it’s nice, but i wouldn’t call it sturdy.

my fractal konfiguration

Nice one u7

The watercooling seems overkill, unless you’re overclocking?

Do you have a bag or case for transporting it?

na, safety first. there can’t be too much cooling ;)

i got a bag(cheap - no label) for cabin luggage but sometimes use a pelicase for standard luggage.
but you limit to ITX mainboard and GraphicCard length max 26,5 cm

wow that gpu is a snug fit!

I’m going to scope out how much a custom nylon bag would be from someone like this -

This Silverstone case is about the same size as the node 304, but is mATX.

Anyone have any experience of them?

How tough is your SG05 dimix?

it isn’t bullet-proof, for sure.
I found it is smallest size for 2 slot Graphic Card and it’s light (hand luggage)
good airflow, much better then shuttle PC
and you can find some big camera bags in photo equipment avoiding making your custom bag

silverstone is ok, we have ssd and 2x hdd (laptop) raid on them.
also 780/590 GTX fit good.

got this one but one u mentioned might be better extra capture card slots ;]

I went for the (mATX) Silverstone Sugo SG01 in the end

It’s built really well. Seems tough.

The layout inside is great, and you can fit almost any gpu in it I’d say.

I’m having a padded nylon bag made for it, and it should fit fine in cabin luggage

what mainboard did you use? it looks like it has more than one pci-slot. is it even a mATX-board?

think it’s this one

can fit two double width pcie cards

Yeah takes Mirco ATX boards which is very nice considering size. Also has a little expansion zone extraction fan which looks good. More pictures and full spec here

Looks like the do a case for it Does that fit in hand luggage though?

Yeah that fan is great. Just above the gpu where it’s needed.

Would be nice to try the sugo bag out, but I think it’s just too roomy for that case, and on the edge re: hand luggage have quoted just over £100 ex vat for a custom nylon padded bag with two full length velcro pockets.

what bag is this? {img src = "sites/default/files/imagecache/large/images/SS_5.jpg"}

@monk: sorry, don’t know anymore.
you can find similar stuff looking for photo/video equipment backpack
general update:
there is a new (very small) ATX PSU compatible Silverstone case:

@DiMiX: thanks!