Slowing an LFO down in 1 cycle

I am working on a patch, and I use a ‘timeline’ to trigger events, and that runs on a simple LFO.

I want the LFO to slow down when the output is arround a certain value, moves slower, and than speeds up again.

So I can freeze the movement. I tried working different filters, but I think it is best to create somekind of curve that can be followed.

Hope you understand the question, and are willing to help.

I attached a patch with the 2 methods I figured out so far.

SlowDownThatLFO.v4p (8.1 kB)

the slow down and speed up is already done by the b-spline algorithm. so you don’t have to bother about that. you only have to set more than one slice to same value like shown in the patch. just use setslice to create those steps or maybe just resample the spread in point mode to get the steps…

another approach is to use a 1d NURBS to create the steps. see girlpower+ Curves\NURBS.v4p

SlowDownThatLFO.v4p (17.3 kB)

I should have checked that girlpower folder a bit sooner, than I wouldn’t have gonne through the trouble to patch wath I attached ;)

The “B-spline 2D” in there is exactly what I was looking for.
Thnx Gregsn :)

I patched something that I was looking for, it slowes down the LFO between 2 focus points in the time I want it to. I only have to enter 4 values… it is madness so don’t waste much time at it ;)

I use it to let an object follow a bezier line, and let it slow down at the tip off the bezier line, so a text can appear there, that is read-able…

Madness.v4p (32.6 kB)

just a note: the round(x) function is floor(x+0.5), so you don’t need any switch, just add 0.5 before the Frac node (which is a floor function). but you dont need that at all, because the all integer inputs in vvvv have the round function by design. no matter which number you put in, it takes the closest integer…

Thnx for explaining the rounding part Tonfilm, + 0.5,man that is logical!! Going to change that in my Wiki.

Wasn’t sure about the rounding properties for vvvv nodes, so I first used a Frac, and than saw I need to round off correct, and now I see I can delete that portion, many thnx.

I the use off less nodes ALWAYS better??

I the use off less nodes ALWAYS better??

for sure not. you have to keep at least the necessary ones :)