Slow startup (again) - HID device controller

I am experiencing extremely slow startup in vvvv again. Actually again is probably not right, as its been ongoing.

Just tried with beta38.1 and still getting the same result. If I run /logstartup I can see that:

[11:49:00.124] creating HID device controller
[11:49:10.289] creating GNodeFactory
[11:49:10.290] creating Gex9Base
[11:49:10.309] Direct3DEx initialized.
[11:49:10.318] ExceptionDialog is enabled.
[11:49:10.374] enumeratig Game Devices...
[11:49:20.421] found Game Devices: "3Dconnexion KMJ Emulator","3Dconnexion Universal Receiver"

You can see that “creating HID device controller” and “enumerating Game Devices…” both take exactly 10 seconds, making the startup time of vvvv 25 seconds.

Anybody know why those 2 things take so long? Is there some sort of timeout where it waits for something? It seems odd that they always take exactly 10 seconds!? Is there a reason it needs to wait that long?

2019.01.18-11.49.00.log (3.2 KB)

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