Slitscan smoothing

hey, i’m thinking about if its possible to smoothen pixel edges in a y-delayed slitscan video?

if there’s for example a guy in the picture moving the arms to the right, but overall the body is waving to the left, seems like you have to compare every pixel with the previous line’s pixels to get skew information.

do you think its possible to use skewing to connect the stripes visually, even if the resolution of slitscan stripes is higher?



you want to achieve some kind of “blurred borders”? perhaps using the pillow instead of a quad is already a good solution?

thanks, i’m trying it out now.
seems like a nice fake solution :)


mid way through this is some y axis slit scan, I just upped the number of slices and it was pretty smooth, its all down to the amount of ram on your gfx card, think this was running on 512mb