Slitscan sequencer, again


yesterday i made a slitscan patch getting data from a mini DV cam. and i could manage to run 198 time-slices smoothly.

higher numbers caused white bg coloured slices mixing into the flow in the renderer.

today, the exact same patch can’t run just 70 or max 100 slices.

what is the logic in this?<<<

i turned off all running programs, wasnt better. sometimes its okay with 100 vertical slices - but without chaging anything…

how to keep the system fixed?

(sorry i couldnt find info about this on the site)



thos white slices indicate a lack of video memory. opening a Renderer (TTY) you should see an out of videomemory memory message everytime such a slice appears.

probably yesterday you used a different videoresolution? probably another programm (still) is blocking memory on your graphic card.


the memory object displays 0.001 MB ready for action.
wonder what can i turn off…

you could save a lot of memory if you just store the actual slitscan slices instead of a whole image. but it needs one ore renderer:

slitscan.v4p (13.2 kB)

or you use Crop (DShow9 Meraka)
videoin - crop - videotexture
specifying exactly the width you need


do you think this method spares memory even if all the slices are dynamic? (as in the timewarp example what i’ve found now in the girlpower examples - too late :) i have made exactly that)

i guess in case of ~200 vertical dynamic stripes i’ts a lot higher…

i guess i need to buy a computer


okay this is the first edit. i like the mistakes too, i will modify it later.

thanks for the help


as i understood, vvvv became much stronger as soon as i opened premiere cs3. when i closed that, vvvv rendered more white slices.