hi. already posted in the shoutbox. did a total update of bootcamp/xp professional on my 2.5 ghz intel core duo PB, but still cannot install slimdxruntime. before the installation of directx finishes, always the statement, that a program, part of the installation, did not close properly.

i could install the regular directx update.

any bootcamp user out there?

what to do? new installation of xp? re-registering the msiexec?..

thank you devs for this great update!!!


hi sinus,
it isn’t essential to install the slimdx runtime. it should also be ok if you copy the slimdx.dll into your plugins folder and make sure that all requirements of slimdx are fulfilled.
these are:

  • DirectX 9.26 (March 2009)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

so download the slimddx runtime, copy the msi over to c:\ and run the following commands to extract the contents of downloaded *.msi file:

  • cd /D C:\
  • msiexec /a “SlimDX Runtime (March 2009 SP1).msi” /qb TARGETDIR=c:\slimdx

go to c:\slimdx and copy the slimdx.dll 32 bit or 64 bit (for winxp 32 or 64 bit respectively) over to your vvvv\plugins folder.

download a plugin which uses slimdx, for example the collada plugin and try to open a node. if it opens up, you should be fine. if not, report back.

hi elias. thx for this substantial advice! i need to recover from yesterday´s show with venetian snares and give it a try.

my warm regards!


Its fine on my macbook, it might be your windows install thats amiss

hi folks. i managed to unpack the msi in the cmd shell. there´s def. something wrong with my winxp. seems, that windows installer is in the right place, but outdated. was there no automatic update in servicepack 3?

however, thx a lot+a nice weekend!!!