Slideshot texture animation module from .jpgs

i need to create a slideshot of pictures for a videomaping project, i will be using a lots of .jpgs in hi resolution, so video will be useless, i think this will be faster than a filesteam video with a 3072x1024 resolution, and i need 3 of this on the same machine

i made this module using a quad spread and a spread of HSL values moding the alpha chanel of each slide with a Sine waveform, the idea is to have each slice blending with the next one, the problem is that i cant figure out the relation between the amount of slices and the map node that sets the value

i attach the patch, any idea of how to make it better will be welcome ;)

pictureslide.v4p (12.5 kB)

Dunno if it is of any help for your case, but there is a Slideshow (no slideshot!) module in the ocntribuitions.

huge spelling mistake, my bad :P
yeah i found that patch, i still cant get the code and i want to do it myself