Slider Gui (Legacy) its giving me a headache!

I’m developing a Paid application to buy my first vvvv licence and I am having a huge issue here…

number 1, QrCode dont work properly on v29, dont know why… it gives you a qr code that its almost the same link, but some characters dont work, so i can use this

number 2 , im using vvv 28.1, and the main interface works under the Slider Gui node, i was able to work with it several times, im able to save the patch and re open in, and sometimes it goes red, and the node gets stuck

im able to re write the node and it works fine, im able to save it and re open it, but again, randomly it gets stuck and red again!

Does anybody know any solution to any of this issues ?

Tnks, Andres

the QR code thing might have something to do with the unicode upgrade. sounds like some encoding/decoding/codepage issue.

the gui node issue sounds like you have some false inputs. has it empty spread inputs? can you try with the new gui nodes in beta29?
without a patch i can’t say whats wrong.

regarding QRCode please see: QRcode characters bug