Slicing up x. object to get 2d projection of slices

i would like to make a sculpture from thick paper slices.
thought it would be easy to create these slices from a blender export .x in vvvv, then print the shapes.

but i cant find the way, how to slice up the 3d shape as they do in MRI xray.

could someone explain what to look for? :)



you want to unfold your 3d model right?
if yes, thats a blender job. blender has some excellent unwrap features. google for uv-unwrapping.

here are some examples:

you may also check out these softwares, specifically designed for paper models:

thanks i love these origami software, i even have some of these.

but what i want to do is simply just slice up a 3d object, as you would slice a piece of ham (if youre not vegetarian)

so i could get those slices as 2d vector shapes.


perhaps you could render your object with very narrow clipping planes and use contourshaper0.3 from …:: u7 modules and patches

szia krisztián

I think this is what you need :) (3.3 kB)

i recommend

thanks, i was looking for this, kalle+viktor


@victor2: nice shader!

@kalle the shader is just a gooch/cut rip/mod done in 10 mins