Slice's position

Hello, dudes! I’m beginner. I have some problems with slices position. Need your help!
How can I get slice position from transform?
I have tried getslice (transform) and getslice (values) nodes, but It didn’t help me.

to attach a screenshot.

why don’t u look on a damper output and linear spread output

try * (3d Vector) against a Null Vector, i.e. 0, 0, 0.

If that fails: Decompose (Transform Vector)

Would always try to avoid Decompose … especially for position.
In this particular case you have just one single transform, so your position is exactly the x and y you put in there.
Joining them together with Vector (2d Join) and GetSlicing (BinSize 2) that Vector seems like the most obvious and clean solution.

thanx so much!