Slice change

Sorry , i´m new in here and Dang
cant join the fan server
I always get a :
You are not welcome to this server: ident required (rfc1413) -
Disconnected from chat (Identserver and other irc clients do either) ;-< hmm Telekom

Anyway the questtion

I have a spread with this order 0| z1 1|x1 2| y1 3|z2 4|y2 … etc

and I want to sort it back to x1 y1 z1 x2 y2 z2

any idea how to do it efficently?All my ideas are about splitting and stalloneing which would be quite a big term …

Thanks for any idea


Hi Lars

*i recommend you to use another IRCclient like mIRC or TinyIRC.

*this could be one solution: a just patched module you can download here:
[ (Spreads).v4p]( (Spreads).v4p)

is this what you wanted?

ja. too bad. those ircnet servers recently introduced that ident thing…it is possible though to get aound this as described on the page you mentioned… but i didnt manage to fix it by myself either.
one day we should have a java-irc applet right here on this page that should allow you to join with one mouseclick.

if i understood right i would patch your problem like attached.

hi joreg, i would like to see your solution too but can only 0 bytes.

a well known vvvviki-phenomenon… :-(

i got yours and can tell its pretty much the same. yours is but already built to be a module where mine is still missing some nodes (left as a user exercise…ähm) to get it really functional

Thanks to you both,I think I´ll manage that exercise ;-)
I´ll post my patch when it´s functional ,which will be tomorrow after a long nicht I suppose …

Ok lesson done ;-)
none Grey world is calling heayily for me , so “boxing” has to wait till weekend…
Anyway, I Addapted the patch a bit mor usefull to me , using ehhmm Elektromeiers patch getIndex patch …

IT now expects a Sting with the incomming order like zxy or yzx and maps the incoming spread to xyz (string&value)

Most likely, I´m the only one who can use this, but maybee not …