SKMatrix vs Matrix performance

hi all,

SKIA has this optimized 2d transformation matrix called “SKMatrix”. Is there any way to leverage the performance savings when working on larger SKIA scenes? I did not find any nodes allowing the transformation of skia objects using this matrix, and when I convert back to float4x4, it is roughly the same speed as the normal one.

I just need 2D scale, rotate and transform.


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Did you get an answer for this? Asking just out of curiosity

no, I did not

can you maybe show a bit better what you’re aiming at? where/how you’re hoping to improve performance?

to clarify: internally VL.Skia does all computation using the SKMatrix. enabling the advanced aspect in the nodebrowser you also find the SKMatrix category of nodes that you can use. so if you make heavy use of those nodes instead of vvvv’s default transforms you might indeed gain some performance. in the end you need to do only a single conversion ToMatrix to be able to connect to VL.Skia nodes. this conversion is probably not the bottleneck, right?

I was looking for a minimalistic description for 2D SRT . Originally I started out using rectangle bounds, but then added rotation. And the jump from 4 floats to 16 floats seemed a bit much.

I guess this was more of an educational question. I don’t do a lot of processing on those matrices, I just wanted to keep it minimalistic. If I have to convert back into a standard matrix before applying to skia I guess this won’t help with performance much either.

Thanks for clarifying