SkiaRenderer leaking into VRAM

in the project I’m working on I was restarting the patch quite often with F9/F8+F5 and vvvv always stopped working after a while. No error message at first, memory in Task Manager was fine, editor was still responsive but the rendering didn’t update, unlinking drawing things didn’t show any effect.
After a while in some random patch a SharpDX error message was shown (device lost), making me have a look at GPU-Z and checking the memory.

Turns out something was leaking into my VRAM like crazy every restart (3400mb->5200mb after the first restart).

It was hard to track down, because the VRAM wouldn’t be cleared even if I removed everything from the Application patch, but ultimately I found that SkiaRenderer was the culprit.

Just restart the following patch a couple times and check your vram.

Found in 5.2
SkiaRendererVRAM.vl (6.2 KB)

Thanks. There were indeed two leaks. Fixed in upcoming.

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