Skia to Stride - How to render without Rectangle?

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I’m trying to figure out the workflow from Skia to Stride. My issue is that when using the Quadrenderer, I always end up with a rectangle around my content. While this setup is fine for creating a fixed layout, I want to treat the layers as separate objects and be able to adjust their order in the hierarchy/position (z-axis). Is there a way to do that? Am I overlooking something?

SkiaToStride-error.vl (89.8 KB)

Not sure it is the only issue but take care of correct draw order. Assuming the green quad is supposed to be the background, it needs to go first in the layer group. Just layering by depth (z) is not enogh.

You should also introduce a transparency option to discard alpha. if I understand you correctly.

Actually, the AlphaBlend transparency node does very strange things with the alpha channel (and with brightness). I am still not sure how it works and it often gives unpredictable behaviour, especially with a large number of branches. It might be worth introducing other ways of overlapping.

The most annoying thing about this problem is that it’s very hard to figure out how to combine the overlay with transparency and the transparency discard problem. It would be really cool if knowledgeable people could elaborate on this.

Same sequence of layers, but now with alpha coverage. But now another question, how to use not fuly transparent textures? Apparently you can’t.

StrideRendering.vl (28.0 KB)

With a setup like this all QuadRenderers are scaled to cover the whole RenderWindow, render on Alpha, are transformed exactly like in Skia and also allowing to use the effects from the TextureFX package. I think was is asked here for is how to re-order these layers programmatically, but not by the order how they are connected to the Group.

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You don’t have to connect them to the Group. You can turn them into a Spread, shuffle them around in some way and then group them together again using Group(Spectral).

StrideRendering_change order.vl (30.0 KB)


Thanks for your inputs! :) I understand now the z-axis was the wrong approach and with the setup of Christoph and seltzdesigns contribution it is exactly what I was looking for. Grazie Mille!