Skia Renderer (OffScreen Accelerated) performance

hi all,

skia offscreen renderer performance is all over the place…
Resolution does not impact the offscreen renderer’s performance.


hey schlonzo,
the timings in the tooltip sorrily are misleading here.
The normal Renderer that renders to a window is also consuming quite some time, but it isn’t shown in the tooltip. The reason for that is that it asks for a redraw on “Update”. The actual rendering is then done when Windows wants to redraw the contents of the window. You can see those timings when you select the Renderer Window and hit F2:
So they should be comparable in terms of performance. But it’s true that we hoped for a better performance of the Offscreen Accelerated version, but got stuck at some point. I guess for now we still need to recommend to use it only for occasional updates, not for rendering of large scale images in each frame.

this should finally be much improved for 2021.4 releases.

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