Skia renderer background transparency?

Is it possible to render a skia renderers background transparent? I want to overlay the renderers content on top of my other windows/desktop. Thanks!

Have a look here:

Thanks. So maybe this will point me in the right direction:

We’ll see.

You can also check out P/Invoke.

Hmm, this seems to be a bit to hard for me. Maybe @microdee can share a thought if what he did in this post can be made available to a noobish vvvv/skia user like me?

if you don’t mind to make transparent the whole window rather than just the renderer I would try winforms.
You can set the transparency of a window via the System.Windows.Forms. This is how I deal with it at least :D

Would anybody be willing to share a patch that demonstrates this?

You need to reference Windows.Forms (CTRL-SHIFT-E)


Then use SetOpacity

Thank you, also very good to know!

But what about setting the alpha of the renderers background only? Is there somebody who could share how to achieve this?

oh i thought you were asking for the forms, nevermind :)

Is it possible to hide Titlebar and border? Then it would accomplish the same
like STRG+F8 in beta

@schlonzo with SetFormBorderStyle, but you wont be able to move it around anymore

Well, am I right that there must be a solution for dragging it around nonetheless? Node Browser and Splash Screen are movable as well and dont have a border nor a title bar…

this is custom code that we run, we capture all mouse events on non-interactive areas and set the window position with that.

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