Skia flickers when not clearing renderer

hi all,


I tried to do some drawing with skia, but the picture is glitching. is this backbuffer related and can this be tweaked somehow? paths are cool, I would like to skia.

hey schlonzo,

i’m not exactly sure how it relates to the screenshot, but the problem you describe is a known one. unfortunately the original underlying skia renderer doesn’t allow us to turn off double buffering, this is whats causing the glitches when you have motion while clear is off. so we’ll have to PR this with the original library before we can integrate it in VL. definitely planned, but priorities…

As workaround for me it helps to draw the elements via Renderer (OffScreen) and turn off the clear here. After that draw the output into the Renderer. See patch. Flickering.vl (54.9 KB)

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thank you, that works!

is it possible that this issue has been addressed in a recent version?

just tested it again and did not experience it any more in 21.4.6 (which is great as it does not need any offscreen workarounds any more…)

True, this was adressed during the “Skia uses ANGLE” update last summer. Thanks for pointing it out.


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