Skia: changing z index when using grid spread

hi there.

i created a tile pattern of rectangles in a for each loop feeding a grid spread, when i click on one of them the scale up to fill the whole screen.

the problem is the overlapping. the selected tile isnt on top, it gets overapped by other tiles. usually i would change the z position but since i am in skia i down know how to
do that.

any help would be apprechiated.



V4 file:
BET000_PEOPLE_WALL.vl (45.2 KB)

In Skia layers get rendered in the order in which they are either:

  1. Connected to the Group node
  2. Ordered inside the spread that goes into the Group (Spectral) node

You probably have a spread of layers here, so you need a way to reorder the spread so that the slice of the layer you want to display on top is at the very end of the spread. Thats the logic behind it.

Now I am pretty sure there are different ways to achieve this. You could use a combination of GetSlice, RemoveSliceAt and then combine the slice that you extracted with GetSlice with the spread of which you removed it from.


i was thinking about it too.
it works now

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