SketchUp to vvvv: best practices?

Hey all,

I’m looking for a way to load SketchUp models in vvvv. Tried several ways but all of them failed in one way or another:

  • exporting to Collada and loading with ColladaFile (EX9.Geometry) throws System.IndexOutOfRangeException on the console, model is not loaded (vvvv 50beta38.1 x64)
  • FBX4V is uninstallable as of now:
  • the Assimp set of nodes work best (through OBJ and FBX exports) although I couldn’t find my way around how textures are handled by the Material (Assimp) node (I can load them fine but feeding them to Effect nodes seems difficult the way the Texture Count output pin works, maybe I’m missing a handy node to do the job)

Any ideas or best practices to end this nightmare?


Super convenient, anti-nightmare and best practice in my eyes:


Thanks @tgd

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