Skeleton points inside the silhouette, not outside

hi all,
I try to blend skeleton points with user map from kinect, I want them disappeared when they are outside the silhouette.
I try multiply blend mode with no results,
the best one is difference, but points are not black outside the silhouette, they just take another color…
In the future I would like to texturize my silhouette, so is there a blend mode to just say: ok I take silhouette alpha channel and I apply it to skeleton points. In my patch, I’m not sure that it takes the alpha channel only…
any help would be appreciated,

blend-skeleton-forums.v4p (69.2 kB)

any ideas from someone ?

hi adrien , no to sure what you mean but i think blend node in multiply mode does what you need. see attached patch.

blend-skeleton-forums_2.v4p (85.2 kB)