Skeleton node under b26?

for some compatibility issue I have to use the b26 vvvv version.
I need to track the skeleton and users from openni.
Is there a skeleton node under 26b, haven’t found anything…
Thank you !

outdated version…

ok ;) but there’s some nice stuffs wich doesn’t work under 27b, for instance opencv nodes and porjector calibration with kinect…
so none skeleton nodes under 26b at all ?

You have to find which of the old version of OpenNi/Nite/Sensor (and the installer…) works with the 1st Hierro Plugin or the Phlegma one… If you accomplish this let me know…

I’ll try the same in a couple of weeks… I want to test again the hierro version, was the most accurate in skelethon tracking I think.-.
(I never tried Microsoft SDK)


yea i have list 3 versions of openNI plugs and 2 sets of drivers i don’t know witch works if any works… lemme know if you did’t find it, i’ll do the links

thanks !
if you could post the links, it would be cool !
tried with phlegma nodes, but skeleton gets red when the user is onscreen.

thx, I’ll check it out !!