Skeleton (Microsoft Kinect) [DX11, vux] Joint Orientation

Hi guys!
Does anyone knows how to manage the spread coming from Joint OrientationXYZW of Skeleton (Kinect Microsoft)?
PS: not this one i’m linking, but the [DX11, vux](DX11, vux) version…

I understand is a quaternion vector 4d…
… How to convert it in Rotate XYZ Vector 3d?

Maybe AxisAngle (Quaternion Get Vector) could be usefull?

Thanks in advance.

rotate 4d vector
but no clue yet how to make it work

why you would want to convert a quaternion to euler? quaternions are your friend ;)
axisangle only defines an axis with a directional vector and rotate the object along that axis.

Ok Thanks. I was just confused by the size of the spread (80) and by strings from
Joint Orientation From and Joint Orientation To

And thought that I’d to do strange trick to use it.
I’ll go with Rotate (Quaternion Vector) trying random Getslice operation…


I needed Euler angles so here is a version of an “Quaternion to Euler”.
Rotations must be applied like this :
“Heading” applied first
“Attitude” applied second
“Bank” applied last

It seems to work…


QuaternionToEuler.v4p (66.0 kB)

continued here: for Kinect2