Size of RenderWindow to Size or RenderTexture

Is it really this complicated?
There surely must be a simpler way.


Ah Int2 (Create Vector 2D)

I am really battling with types, I am quite certain that it will be simpler as I get more experienced, but some helping hands when I want to to connect things that makes sense, as here the size of the renderer, which is given in float32 to int2 to use as the size of the RenderTexture.

I have no idea of how complicated it would be to make, but it would be helpful to somehow get a tooltip of which nodes to use to convert from whatever value I am trying to connect to the input I am trying to connect to.

Perhaps there is some consistency I am missing.
Elsewhere ToInt32 exist, why isn’t there a ToInt2?
Likewise, why is it called TryParse and not built into eg. ToFloat32 ?

usually TryParse is when you want to “convert” a string into something else : you try to interpret the string as that something.


@sebescudie I do get that, but why the need to have differently named nodes for what to me seems like the same functionality.

I guess that’s because under the hood, it’s not the same thing to try to parse a string to something and convert say a float to an int.

But I agree that that distinction is only relevant for people used to programming. In the end you want to convert one thing to the other.

There could be two of the nodes, one that “just works” and then one for people who know what they are doing.

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