Sixaxis ps3


i am trying to use the playstioncontroller like midi,
the node hid saw the controller but i have not input, why?
i was went to saw the driver of the cotroller, and in hid section there is not.

is possibile that the problem is the driver?


well you can try glove pie if you stuck
all i found is this
well HID node might help but who knows how to use it

hi i have try it and the controllor go with vvvv
but i dont now why the botton are crazy, when i push the botton x i have the output in others 4 botton…

I got hold of two cheap Dualshock 3 controller clones (15 € each). With Motionjoy - which is kinda crappy but works - I can make them show up (even via Bluetooth) either as Xbox controller or as PS3 Dualshock 3 Controller (also PS2 or PS1… but then I am loosing buttons). Finally I chose to make them show up as Dualshock 3 controller to get the motion sensor parameters as well.

Based on joystickcontroller(help).v4p I did some small subpatch to expose all the digital buttons and analog sticks/buttons. Everything works fine,
just the D-pad is transmitter as variable instead of bools. Guess thats ok if you translate this to an angle.

I was also wonderung how I could access the LED´s on the controller and the rumble.

dualshock3.v4p (37.9 kB)

mm try to look how they do in glovepie?
Not sure if you can feedback on HID normally…
Might some free lib can be wrap’t as plug…

Well, its not that important. Had to find out it kills battery ultra fast anyways.

I am right now connecting the ouput pins into my main patch to parameters and sadly I start to run into problems with huge latency. When I start my subpatch alone its virtually no latency at all, very accurate. But when I run it as subpatch it has quite some, sometimes more, sometimes less. I also run midi into the patch which has at the same time no latency. Any idea what could be the cause?

try look debug mode and timing node, might it leaking somewhere
if that’s a HID node, try to move it from subpatch to your main patch
not sure it makes sense…

Thank you for your suggestions. I checked everything you said, but it was still lagging to an amount that I could hit a button twice before the first signal would be displayed. Patch was running at stable 60 FPS, when limiting the subpatch to same FPS it would still work perfect.

With all the nodes added directly to the main patch it would still lag. I thought its quite strange that midi input was working without noticeable delay at the same time. It looks like as soon as I start to build larger chains of shaders and add a renderer this delay on HID occurs?

Is there any way to work around that? I could prepare some example patch which does not need all the externals to demonstrate.

it’s some internal bugs like laggy windowlist i think