Single line font / laser font

is there a node or a contribution that lets me do a single line font with a laser?

the typo spread node is for outlines but is there a node to get the center line of a font or something like that?

this is what i mean:

What about drawing A to Z in vectors and animating them?

i’m not a ware of such a node, but you should be able to find plenty of such paths in the internet. there are many ways to import such paths, e.g. SVG, CSV, 3d model or just as a raw spread of positions. then feed the paths to the laser.

@schlonzo im not trying to reinvent the wheel.
@tonfilm thats what i thought, but couldn’t find anything.
also for those paths to work properly they have to have evenly spaced points…

for that use the PathLength node. its a bit expensive, but you cache the generated output data to avoid doing it every frame.

also this came up from a quick google search:

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that blog is nice. it took me a while to find something other than single line ttfs
this seems promising:

asteroid_single_line_font_laser (3).zip (4.1 KB)

i spent way too much time on this… hope this helps someone in the future


This is awesome! Was definitely lacking in the vvvv world, maybe post it in contribs as well now?

I think it may have uses even outside of laser displays, the asteroid font has a very iconic look and it’s easy to apply extra effects to a point based font like this:


Will defo try out once I get my laser hardware back.

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@domj very cool. you are right!, i haven’t thought about this.
…will arrange the nodes a bit nicer and post as contrib.

i had the same pproblem some time ago, and i used one of these single-line fonts with typospread:

maybe this helps someone…

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