Simulate LED Video Wall

i was wondering if it’s possible with vvvv to render a video stream, so it looks like it would be viewed on a video wall?
Like this plugin Led Lights for After Affects

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I changed a small patch Ive made before, so its what you are looking for.
Just play around with values to see what happens.

HowPipetWorks_Circle.v4p (33.4 kB)

Hi frank,

thank you for your reply, I will try it later the day.

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you also could try Halftone.fx which you can find on User Shaders by scrolling far down.

frank, your solution comes really close of what i had in mind.
But now I’ve got a problem. The resolution with 20x20px is a bit to low, I think 100x100 would be a good start. From 35x35 on, i just get lines as you said. I wanted to use your workaround, but i don’t know how to do it.

kalle, i also tried halftone but i don’t know where texture out of filetexture respectively videotexture has to be linked with

this is the first time i use vvvv so i don’t know much

without seeing the patch i guess the higher the resolution the smaller the dots have to be. or you get lines. a matter of scaling.

texture is connected to texture input of a quad, sphere, shader etc. try looking at
click me and all the other tutorials

or select a node and press F1 to see a helppatch

or make a safari in the girlpower folder. helps a lot to start with vvvv.

i found the mistake, halftone.fx had an error during compilation. therefore texture in was not showed. now it works like a charm.

hi guest,

here comes the second pipet-way by texture. Shader based halftone.fx should be fastest solution. But as always, there are different ways - each with its pros and cons.
The lines you mentioned is because graficcards are limited in its amount of drawing polygones. And a 3d circle/ball needs a lot of polygones. Check the small fill.node Ive attached to spheres…

HowPipetWorks_CircleTex.v4p (45.0 kB)

Wow, thank you for your help.

I would like to extend this with an artnet receiver, would you give me the permission to publish this some day on Of course credits would go to you.