Simpler way to do this?

There surely must be right?

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I hope you attach a patch and NOT a screenshot of a patch. (so a .v4p file is what we want).

oh sorry guys, not sure what happened here.

Here is the patch.

columns.v4p (35.1 kB)

like this?

columns.v4p (43.1 kB)

hmm… I am not really aiming to separate them depending on the value (0 or 1) but rather into columns.

I am sending each column to max to produce sounds, and it needs the input from each individual column (4 values).

Just to clarify, my patch works and does what I want it to do!

I was just wondering though if there was any simpler method to achieve the same result (i.e. without manually typing all the column numbers)

Its part of my quest to learn how to use vvvv better!

ah ok sorry
like this

columns_1.v4p (38.2 kB)

Even more simple, you don’t need the logic before the vector node, see patch.

But having made this example, I feel that an even more simple way of doing this could be done, but that requires more knowledge about how the data comes to max/msp.

perhaps using osc could simplify the job further.


columns_2.v4p (48.4 kB)