Simple Webcam saved to compressed .avi results in slow playback output?

Hi there, I’ve got a very simple test setup for a bigger idea.

I’ve got a Webcam and I want to record to a compressed .avi.
It all seems to work except when I play back the compressed video that it outputs it seems to have a really low frame rate?

I’ve tried every codec and I remove the compress node to create an uncompressed .avi, the resulting .avi plays back as if speeded up?

Am I missing some settings somewhere?

LiveWebCamPatch_001.v4p (5.6 kB)

ya, this is not a strength of vvvv as of now. basically there is a configuration pin at AsVideo (EX9.Texture) that allows you to specify the Clock which should be set to Default for such applications.

also it could work better if you connect VideoIn to Compress directly (if that would also suffice your needs).

good lukc.

Thanks for the response.
I tried setting it to default but this didn’t help.

How can I connect the VideoIn to Compress directly? The pins on the Compress Node don’t seem to accept anything directly from the VideoIn node?

Writer (EX9, Texture, AVI) creates a working .avi at the right FPS, but the files it creates are too big in MB.

Writer(DShow 9) using a Compress Node creates slow weird framerate videos no matter what I do but the resulting videos are a good size in MB.

So am I right in saying there is no Compress node that can be used with Writer (EX9, Texture, AVI)?

What are my options instead? Can I write to image sequences?

mm… if Writer (EX9.Texture AVI) works fine for you, couldn’t you then just recompress the .avi file afterwards with an external program? because yes, there is no compress node that would fit there.

and yes, Writer (EX9.Texture NRT) writes image sequences which would also need to be recompressed to an .avi file but also it is only suitable for non-realtime processes and it would not work with realtime VideoIn.

ah and of course you can connect the output of VideoIn (DShow9) directly to Compress (DShow9) but note that VideoIns Video output can only take one connection!

A ha, okay that makes sense. Well I think Writer (EX9.Texture NRT) might do the trick actually, so is PictureStack (EX9.Texture) the same thing?

picturestack is for playing back sequences of images. so kind of the reverse…

i recently used Writer (EX9.Texture AVI) and yes it makes massive files. I then used FFMPEG, a command line video encoding software, to convert the file, and then deleted the uncompressed original file. I also used an SSD drive and managed to capture at 30fps at 720p.

aren’t SSD’s even slower writing (but faster reading) than conventional Harddisks?

no no no kalle. I was struggling to get 10fps with decent sata2 drive. read and write about the same with these vertex 2 SSD drives. Lightning fast - read up to 285MB/s write: up to 275MB/s.

ah ok, thx!