Simple way to add or change dynamic plugin nodes?


usually, if I want to add a new node from a dynamic plugin, I create a cs file within the project manager, write some code and drag the whole csproj file from the windows explorer into my patch.
I could add the plugin folder to the root patch, but for quick sketches, this seems a little bit excessive. When shift+clicking on the dynamic plugin node, I see some other nodes the csproj contains - but could only open them in the internal editor…

So I wonder if there is any possibility I missed to add or change a node from my plugin directly in vvvv without dragging the csproj file into the patch? Like strg+shift+click and select another node from the csproj file?

not exactly sure i understand your request. but are you aware of the fact that you can define multiple nodes in a single .cs file by simple adding an additional class with plugininfo attribute?! does that help?

He wants to quickly add his own nodes i.e. from the nodebrowser to the patch without having to use nodelist. Right now vvvv is agnostic of other classes, whether they are defined in their own cs file, or all in one.
Shift clicking a node lets you open other classes in code editor, but apparently doesn’t let you replace one by the other.
To do so, he drags the csproj file several times into the patch to create instances of all his defined plugins by using the list popup that shows up that way only.

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