Simple questions about the renderer with the latest version of VL(vvvv gamma)

Dear vvvv,

I’ve downloaded and installed the latest version (2020-3.0-025) of VL(vvvv gamma) and tried to follow the tutorials on youtube.

With, I was not able to find “renderer” or either the “circle” operators.

So, I went back and installed the stable version (2020.2), and it did work perfectly fine. However, I want to try the 3D rendering part of your VL and it just bothers me that I cannot call a simple 2D “renderer” and “circle” or other geometries with the latest version. In that case, I can learn from scratch by following the tutorials with the latest one without switching versions.

Is there anything that I miss to install the latest version? And I would like to know the general idea of why I can’t use the latest version with a simple renderer operator.

Thank you so much for your answer in advance.


Reference VL.Skia, it’s default for every new document in stable because it was the only engine at the time.

In preview VL.Stride is referenced by default instead, VL.Skia is still there … you just have to opt-in into which nodes you want to use so the node browser doesn’t get polluted with too many nodes at once you might not even need.

(Use the dependency menu on your document title in the top left or type in “Skia” in your node browser and click the VL.Skia package entry to add the reference)


Thank you, @readme , for your clear explanation. I will try to understand more after I learn more about VL.
And thank you, @bjoern joern, for such an easy understanding image which made it work perfectly!

Have a good one, guys!


this is now also documented in this little howto:

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Thanks, @joreg, for the update!!!

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