Simple multimixer

Okay, so I’ve been using vvvv for about three months now, actively. I use it as a VJ at a nightclub, and for other sorts of shows (I’ve got a friend who’s playing at a festival soon, and I’m going to be doing viz for him, so lots of exposure for me and vvvv, hopefully, wish me luck! ;>)

So, I wanted to submit the patches that I use regularly here and get some feedback. The idea is that I load up “multipass”, and then plug other patches into it across the night as needed. Included in the zip are “keydance” and “freq”. Keydance was my first attempt at doing something like this, so it’s sort of a dirtier implementation of the same concept, but it works well enough that I still use it all the time. Freq is just cool, and top on the list for most potentially overplayed patch if I’m not careful.

For those of you who are ascended vvvv masters (mistresses? how many females do we have around here?) these will, I’m sure, be depressingly simplistic, (partially because I do a lot with video) but, keep in mind that this is more designed to be a plugin architecture than a functional visual system by itself.

Mostly what I’m hoping for here is a critique on my programming techniques; I’m sure there are plenty of things I’ve done here which are desperately inefficient, and if anyone can point those out, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance for your feedback. Rip it up, make it bleed, give me advice to make the world better!

–panopticon (9.2 kB)

Thnx for sharing your patches, I lways look at other peoples work, to get ideas and learn.

Missing some suppatches you used, so for me it doesn’t work, but it looksinteresting :) (StikyKey for example)

For your " orphan LFO" I would sugest you use a switch node, so you don’t have to disconnect and connect anything, just an Iobox set as Togle to switch between manual and audio ScaleZ.

Further… ahem… here is some wisdom an experienced user tought me: it is not how you make something, but it is what you make, the idea is the secret, not the coding. cheers!!

A list of your avi’s and stills or a Dir and getslice(string) might help with switch files, you could use keymatch or radio key to select them then as well.
I’d say look at my mixer, but it is such a mess! It should work now, but some of the patching really isnt helpful at all, maybe I’ll get time over the summer to remake it but at the moment everything is going into a run of big gigs in a short space of time!
Sanches GUI, puts me to shame for simplicity!

Thanks for the feedback guys.

West: d’oh, I forgot to include stickykey. It was done by @dns, if you care to grab it.

The switch on the LFO is a good idea. I’ve gotten so used to patching realtime (most of this was written live) that I don’t even think of things like that. But anything to increase responsiveness is almost certainly good.

And I agree with your last statement, but I’m just trying to make it so the idea doesn’t hit 100%cpu ;>

Catweasel: I’ve tried doing something like that (which I actually ripped off from the earlier version of your mixer, thanks), but I’ve got so many vids spread across so many directories on a couple of drives that I find having a copernic window open and just doing the drag’n’drop is faster.

As to your mixer, I dl’d it, this time I actually get the gui (yay!), but when I try to add a dir, I get no thumbnails, or it crashes vvvv. I’m assuming this is because of dirty directories on my end, I haven’t tested it yet. But it’s enough for me to look at the structure and get some ideas, so thanks for the update!


If your not getting thumbnails, it could be you need to drag and drop the thumbs directrory to the iobox in the main patch, then hit the make thumbs button, then wait a while!
You can use cons to add mulitple dir spreads into 1, then get slice that too. But sometimes drag and drop is easier !