Simple logic problem

I have a menu with 3 items where each of them requires 3 conditions to give output of one with AND node. For example, if the cursor is between certain x and y position and if mouse clicked. I need to carry out a string related to each menu item to the next step based on the selection. Here is where I am stuck :) I still don’t have the grip of programming ( patching ) logic in VVVV. If I simply tried to do it with if else conditions it would look like

If ( selectedMenu == 1) {
sendMessage = “bla bla”;
} else if ( selectedMenu == 2 ) {
sendMessage = “bla bla2”;
} else if ( selectedMenu == 3 ) {
sendMessage = “bla bla3”;

but can’t put it together with VVVV :) here is how I started the patch. I simplified it a bit.

<a class=“attachment"href=”/uploads/default/original/2X/8/8745daefac84e39eb603de204ac12ce11e847c84.v4p">menu.v4p (15.9 KB)

have a look at the patch.
menu2.v4p (20.4 KB)

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Thank you a lot, using just couple of nodes from your example was enough :) I didn’t know I can give spread to AND note as an input and then separate it using GetSlice again :) I am using my phone’s accelerometer data as a navigation so couldn’t use HitTest but simple mapping was enough for me to get the values. Thank you again!

menu3.v4p (5.2 KB)

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