Simple line problem (b-spline edit)

hi guys and girls,

i’ve got a very basic and maybe newbie problem.

i want to make something like in the picture below:

i tried with different approaches. my last one was with a spreaded line node. but the best result i could get looked like this:
pay attention to the corners which are not fully filled

and i want to create something like this:

any tips how could make something like this?

meanwhile i made a little progress: i use a b-spline with “degree = 1” so it gets the desired rectangular shape.
but now i find no option how to define a width for the b-spline.

greetings from austria
david // quote

hi david,
it’s always helpful to provide a patch with your questions, so one can see how you try to do things. for example, i can only guess what you mean by “width”, since it could either be the x-dimension of the entire thing or the width of the stroke (both Line (EX9.Geometry) and Rope (DX9) have input pins to change their width, for example (Lines’ is not spreadable though)).
if what you want to do can be achieved with a single line, you could use a module i made to get nice sharp corners out of the Rope node: link

keep going & don’t hesistate to ask!

hi diki

you saved my day. that was exactly what i was looking for.

with a little bit of tweaking this should do just fine.

thanks again.

unfortunately i have a little problem with your miter patches diki.

they work more or less if i just have a couple of points. but in this case the patching is a “little” bit complicated. and automatic animation seems to be impossible.

if i solve my problem with a “queue”-node (like in the attached patch) it works pretty easy, but i can’t figure a way out how to make sharp edges with your miter node.

any other suggestions?


21_draw_rect_3.v4p (28.6 kB)

missing pair and mitter module


sorry. i hope with this version works better. (12.9 kB) feeds the rope multiple xy-coordinates. i think this is also the problem i tried a different approach: there are just 4 xy-coordinates, therefor it should work better with dikis miter-node. but somehow the renderer displays a false output.

any problem-solving ideas? (11.7 kB)

hey quote, 1 question, did you see the snake 3d patch ? maybe that kind of approach maybe easier to accomplish this. I’m trying to patch A snake that draw on the scale of the cubes instead of always drawing new cubes, so we can play snake3d for ever.

hi manuel,

i’m not 100% sure which patch you mean by snake 3d patch…

could you post a link to it?


EDIT: sry i must have been really blinded. i guess you talk about the snake3d patch in the girlpower folder - thought i looked through all of them…

hi david,
i think you’re missing the Points2Straights (2d Vector Pairs) and Pair (Spreads) subpatches; the Miter module needs them to work correctly.