Simple example of filestream boygroup sync

Hi !
Even with lots of topics about this, I can’t find a simple example of synchro of 2 filestream boygroup.
I would like just to sync two videos in localhost with boygroup…

any starts patch ?
thanks in advance.
And sorry if it’s too obvious.

before you do something like that, consider to render the two videos into one and use two quads with a texture transformation to display them independently if you need to.

thanks for your answer tonfilm !
I made this test:
(see patch attached)
the result is pretty ok, but no possibility to adjust sync time between the 2 vidéos…at the end of 5minutes movie, the frame difference between two videos is about 18 frames.
boygroup seems to be better than that ?

sync ARRACHE.v4p (7.3 kB)

no, i think you misunderstood. use a video editor to combine the two videos into one file.
then the key to success is to use only one player to play the video and use two quads to display it, where each quad has a texture transformation which transforms the video texture on the quad in a way, that only one video is visible on each quad. clear?

thanks tonfilm !
The problem is: I have a folder full of 300 videos which has to be play by pair…
So I post-production is hard to do (300x299 possibilities of edits if I’m right).
So I was hopping it would have been possible to may a localhost boygroupping, and maybe in future split the 2 videos onto two computers to make edgeblend and big resolution projection.

isn’t it possible to do this in localhost ?
thx in advance.

ah, no having all combinations is of course not practical.
but an avisynth script could help you. you can either write a patch which generates all possible scripts or generate one on the fly and load it then.
in the following thread is a short description of this method and a boygroup localhost sync patch:

thanks a lot tonfilm !!