Signal loss when going Fullscreen

Hello folks,

There’s some new trouble I’m currently experiencing. Maybe some of you already had that experience. I’d be thankful for any idea: When going fullscreen with my Renderer(DX11) my Beamer looses the video-signal. It starts cycling through the inputs, and even when it’s getting the image it immediatly looses signal again. I checked the cables. They were okay. I changed cable at the beamers input from hdmi1 to hdmi2 and the problem’s gone for now. So I’d say it’s a hardware-problem. But there is some doubt, since the beamer is 2 days old, and I could trigger the problem, by going fullscreen.



this has happened to me quite often on Optoma beamers and others, not sure what is causing it. It happens also when the projector gets the first image from black, it loses connection then it gets it back and it is all ok there on.

indeed… its an optoma… do you have any solution?

Try to set the lock input on the projector.

Thanks io,

Let’s see what the future brings :-)

Okay, after a few days of testing, all I can say about this issue is that it indeed is correlated to getting a black or even very dark picture, and that the signal is more stable with a vga-cable. That’ll be the first and last time I enjoyed optoma.

Hi, I ve just talked with my local Optoma dealer and he said to try to download the latest firmware… may be worth a try.

I have a Optoma too, I don’t bother to use fullscreen mode, I use setrenderer contrib.


No problems here with Fullscreen mode and Optoma (model w306st)
I suggest to use the Fullscreen pin on Render

vvvv beta33.7 x64